how to unlock READONLY project file?

I am using UT for the first time in a very long time (first time with UT3), and I had it happen that it crashed while I had my project file open. I had to kill the app and restart, and when I did the project file was Read Only - I could no longer make changes.

Is there some way to fix this or remove the readonly flag, so that I can go back to making changes?

If not, it's not a disaster - I haven't lost a lot of work. But if that's the case then I need to keep regular backups of my database file because if this had happened while I was 90% done with the project rather than just getting started, that would be bad :).

If there is a way to fix this, I'd like to know about it in case of a future crash scenario, so please let me know if there is a fix.

Ah, nevermind, found the .lock file

No need to reply (though it would be nice to know if anyone is actually monitoring the forum). I found the .lock file in the root UT3 data directory (had to show hidden files first) and deleting it unlocked my project.