Handling data from unsynchronized clocks

Is there a method for handling data from unsynchronized clocks in the 3th version of UT?

Thank you

Further to the question of

Further to the question of importing data from unsynchronized data in one file.

In the exported multi-trend from a Delta BAS there are multiple time columns and data columns merged together. Some change of value, some not. Some synchronized, some not.

This is a standard output from a BAS, so if would be nice if we could efficiently transfer these types of files into the UT3 for analysis.

Does anyone know how to handle this?


Multiple Time/Date Columns Prior to Import

I am also working on this same problem.

So far I had to go the long route and filter my data sets in Excel and save as a .csv prior to importing the data. I then had to copy/past into a separate file any data sets that were unique (data interval different).

If you don't the multiple time/date columns are just empty data sets.

Reading up through the help files and youtube videos.


Explanation of UT3 timestamps and time offsets

I saw this question also appeared in the UT3 task list. It was not clear what unsynchronized clocks means exactly. I can say this about UT3:

- all data time stamps are stored in UTC form (this is universal time).

- to convert from the imported data form, to the UTC form, we have to know what the time zone is. We assume it is the time zone that was applied to the UT3 project at the time the import was performed.

- You can apply a time offset a previously imported data source by going to the Sources folder, select a data source, select a Channel within the data source, then modify the Time Adjustment property.