Universal Translator class follow-up

The following follow-up message was emailed to registrants of the recent UT3 class:

You are getting this email as a registrant of this PG&E Pacific Energy Center training that was held last week:

Universal Translator (UT3) Workshop: software demonstration and interactive lab
Thursday, April 23, 2015, 8:30 am to 4:30 pm
at the PG&E Pacific Energy Center, 851 Howard Street, San Francisco, CA
or as an Internet simulcast

In addition to the class attendees, this email is also going to people who registered but did not attend the training. I posted the video recording of the class as well as the UT project files we created during the class at the following website:


The FTP site has four files posted. Here is an explanation of each:

“UT3-Training materials” =
all the pre-class materials, data files and other resources as a single zip file

“UT3-Training videos” =
the training videos that we have created for UT3 prior to last week’s class as a single zip file

“2015-04-23 08.29 Universal Translator (UT3) Workshop…” =
he video recording of Thursday’s UT3 training as a video (wmv) file

“UT3-Post-class-materials” =
the completed UT project files and other documents created during the training as a single zip file

The class materials will eventually be archived at the UT website: http://www.utonline.org

I wanted to get this email out today. More notes to follow.

Ryan Stroupe
PG&E Pacific Energy Center
851 Howard Street
San Francisco, CA 94103
P: 415.973.7257
E: r2s2@pge.com