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UT2 Release Version 2.5.115 |

UT2 Release Version 2.5.115

Key improvements include:

  • Database scalability
  • Easy project sharing
  • Import older projects
  • Improved graphing tool
  • New import routines
  • Improved help

This new version has several new features. UT2 now uses a free version of Microsoft’s flagship database SQL Server which allows the UT to handle very large amounts of data. To assist in transferring your current projects from older Microsoft Access based UT, UT2 includes a Migration tool.

Projects can now easily be shared with the use of a UT “Transport File”. This feature allows the creation of a single file that stores everything related to the project in one file for easy transportation. This Transport File makes it easy for the user to export a project on to a flash drive, for instance, and take it to another work station.
The graphing tool has also been improved. Graphs can now be saved and retrieved. This has been one of our most requested features. Common graphing tasks have been made easier. You can now simply drag and drop a file on to the graphing tool and UT2 does all the work needed to graph the data in that file.

Newer import routines are available through Data Adapters. Data Adapters are custom routines written to import data for specific control systems (e.g. Johnson Controls, Siemens, Invensys and Trane).

A new help feature is the “What Do You Want To Do?” window. You will find helpful hints, task wizards, and video tutorials for common UT2 tasks. An added bonus to this feature it that it is maintained online by our UT2 staff, so look for new content in the coming months.
We hope you find the new version of the Universal Translator fast and easy to use – helping you quickly and easily analyze data. You can find the new UT SQL Server software in the Download section.

Click on the attachment below to download. Note that you will have to be logged in to see the attachment.


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