Installing UT2 on Windows XP Pro SP3: SQL Server Installation Issue Related to MSXML6

Users may experience errors when installing the UT2 on a Windows XP Pro Service Pack 3 machine. UT2 uses Microsoft's SQL Server 2005 Express SP2 Database and the UT2 tries in install the database. The database install can fail to install if "MSXML 6 Service Pack 2 (KB954459)" is already installed . This is a well known issue for Microsoft.

This issue is documented here -->

We have a patch from Microsoft that will uninstall "MSXML 6 Service Pack 2 (KB954459)" which will then allow SQL Server to be installed without errors.

You will have to login to see that attachment.

Please follow these steps:

- Download the file
- Unzip the contents to a folder.
- Open the folder.
- Running as an administator, double click on "msxml_fix.vbs"
- There will be several (6 or so) message boxes that pop up. Keep clicking"OK". The sixth message box should say "MSXML 6 Service Pack has been uninstalled".
- Now run the UT2 installer "ut_setup_2_5_115.exe". This installer will install SQL Server and then the UT2 program.

different failure related to msxml6

SQLSetup0002_LUCYNA-C2_MSXML6_1.log has a different message compared to the known issue described above. I see " Warning: Local cached package 'c:\WINDOWS\Installer\bc9d7.msi' is missing." and further on "SOURCEMGMT: Source is invalid due to missing/inaccessible package.
MSI (s) (74:B0) [10:53:16:250]: Note: 1: 1706 2: -2147483647 3: msxml6.msi". Any suggestions? I have not checked this log until after attempting to install patch/fix, which failed to complete with the same complaint about bc9d7.msi missing...