Installing UT2 in 64 bit Windows 7

Some 64 bit Windows 7 users have installed the UT2 and reported an error when the UT2 starts. The reported error is "Run-time-error... SQL Server WMI provider is not available...". This error usually occurs when SQL Server hasn't been installed correctly.

The UT is compatible with 64 bit Windows 7 with a couple of workarounds:

1. Manually Install SQL Server. The UT uses SQL Server which is included in the UT2 installer, however, the version in the installer is not compatible with 64 bit windows. Please review the PDF attachment in this article ( You will have to sign in to see the attachment.) which describes how to manually install SQL Server ***.

*** Where the article says download SQLEXPR32.EXE, instead download “SQLEXPR.EXE” which is 55.4 MB in size and is compatible with 64 bit windows. After you manually install SQL Server, run the UT 2.5.115 installer to install UT2. The UT2 installer will detect that SQL Server is installed and skip the SQL Install step and go ahead and install the UT2.

Restart your machine after the UT install.

2. Run as administrator (detailed here When you want to run the UT2, right click on the UT2 icon and select “Run as administrator”. This is necessary because of security settings in Windows 7.